Ttyper: A Terminal-based Typing Test To Improve Typing Speed

If you want to enhance your typing speed, easy-to-use and distraction-free software is the first requirement to keep your focus intact.
So, what could be better than practicing typing in a terminal? Ttyper is one such terminal-based typing test application written in Rust programming language by Max Niederman.

Several GUI-based typing tests as a web and native applications like monkeytype are already available.
Hence, it targets those who live in a terminal and wish to practice typing without opening a browser or desktop app.
Running ttyper in command-line lets you concentrate more on your keyword typing by avoiding unnecessary pictures or ads.

It has a very simple and rich terminal user interface built using tui-rs rust library.
UI contains two boxes: one having a list of words and the other an input box to type each word one-by-one.
Currently, ttyper comes with english100, english200, and english1000 languages.
Furthermore, it also allows you to specify a file to read via an optional argument and use it as test content.
$ ttyper text.txt
For the typing performance, it currently shows key-wise accuracy, correct keypresses, adjusted and raw WPM (Words Per Minute).
Ttyper typing speed result
How To Install Ttyper On Windows, Linux, And MacOS?
Ttyper is packaged and published using a rust package manager called Cargo. Hence, you first need to install Cargo and then this CLI app.
The easiest way to install Cargo only takes a line of code for Linux and macOS system:
$ curl -sSf | sh

For Windows, you can download and run the executable files.
However, if you’re using Debian-based Linux distros like Ubuntu, Cargo is also available to install using APT.
$ sudo apt install cargo
Once you finish installing Cargo successfully, run the following command to get ttyper and test:
$ cargo install ttyper
$ ttyper