Solus 4.2 ‘Fortitude’ Linux Distro Is Out, Removes YouTube-dl Package

After almost a year of development, a new version of Solus 4 ‘Fortitude’ series called Solus 4.2 has been released.Solus 4.2 supersedes the previous version 4.1 with new desktop environment updates, software stacks, multimedia upgrades, and hardware enablement.What’s New In Solus 4.2 ‘Fortitude’?The latest version 4.2 comes with the LTS Linux kernel 5.10.12, which brings support for a range of the newer hardware such as newer AMD Ryzen 5th generation processors and Intel Comet Lake CPUs.All editions of Solus 4.2 now features the updated applications, which include Firefox 85.0, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird 78.6.1.Additionally, it has upgraded open-source 3D computer graphics library Mesa to version 20.3.3.Subsequently, Mesa 20.3.3 provides support for new GPUs, Vulkan 1.2 API support, and enabled ACO shader compilation by default for the RADV Vulkan driver.Furthermore, version 4.2 has upgraded several multimedia packages, such as FFmpeg 4.3.1, dav1d AV1 decoder 0.8.1, GStreamer 1.18.2, and Pulseaudio 14.1.Among the other new features and hardware enablement, this is what Solus 4.2 include:Removed youtube-dl packageEnabled ACPI and HID ambient light sensorsEnabled NVMe hardware monitoringFast charge control for iOS devices.Improved exFAT file system supportIntel Classmate accelerometer, backlight, and input device supportAdded new USB camerasSpeaking of the changes for each edition available, let’s take a look at a brief list:Solus 4.2 Budgie Edition Solus 4.2 Budgie EditionBudgie 10.5.2 desktop environmentNew desktop icons implementationBudgie Menu no longer show empty categoriesBudgie Menu alphabetically sort category namesComplete rewrite of System Tray implementationRedesigned Sound applet featuring a dedicated button for mute togglingSolus 4.2 GNOME Edition Solus 4.2 GNOME EditionGNOME 3.38.3 desktop environmentA brand new major release of Tracker, GNOME’s search engine and database for the local and remote contentDisks now always show other filesystem format choicesGNOME Shell provides ‘Boot Options’ support to restart dialogRestart option moved into a separate menu itemImprovement to Mutter window managerSolus 4.2 MATE Edition Solus 4.2 MATE EditionMATE 1.24 desktop environmentBrisk Menu 0.6.2Caja file manager now shows thumbnails in its list viewEngrampa now has support for more formatsMATE Control Center now display its icons correctly on HiDPI displaysPluma plugins now fully switched to Python 3Solus 4.2 Plasma Edition Solus 4.2 Plasma EditionPlasma 5.20.5 desktop environmentKDE Frameworks 5.78, KDE Applications 20.12.1 and QT 5.15.2Solus Wallpaper in different sizesChange Dolphin to always open in the HOME directoryVarious improvements to System Settings and Info CenterAt last, if you want to try Solus 4.2 Linux distribution, download the image of any available edition from here.