Why Does Restarting Fix Computer Issues? What Happens During Rebooting?

Have you ever wondered why IT folks always ask: “Have you restarted your PC/smartphone?” This is because restarting your device puts it in its default state and runs everything from scratch. This way, your PC gets rid of the trash and delivers better performance after the restart. Also known as rebooting, this restart process solves…

Windows 10 21H1 (2104): New Features Explained, Release Date

Microsoft is actively working on the semi-annual update cadence, and the Redmond giant is done with the development of the Windows 10 2104 feature update. However, there will be some time before it gets into the hands of the general public.So, let’s talk about the 21H1 release date and various features that will arrive on…

How Download & Install Windows 10 21H1 Update Right Now?

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How To Fix Windows 10 Brightness Control Not Working Issue?

Out of all Windows 10 problems, one common issue that many users face is Windows 10 brightness control not working on their machines. Due to the weird bug, users can’t increase or decrease the brightness levels on their Windows 10 PC.This adds to existing problems like the 100% disk usage error that sucks users hard…

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro: 4 Major Differences Explained!

For years, Windows users have found themselves scratching their heads when deciding whether they should go for the Pro or Home edition. Hence, the Windows 10 Home Vs Pro comparison sounds obvious to the ears of many.These two are baseline editions of Microsoft’s popular operating system, and the third is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations….