Best Call of Duty Mobile Custom Loadout (Gunsmith Feature) For SMGs [2021]

Call of Duty Mobile, one of the most popular games currently, has taken many of its features from the PC and console versions of Call of Duty—one of them being the Gunsmith feature. This COD Mobile feature allows players to make a custom loadout for personalized guns. It further means that players can tailor any gun to their liking and playing style.Some of the players are quite skillful at customizing guns. On the other hand, many players struggle to find a near-perfect personalized gun. Well, this guide will help you find that near-perfect gun for every occasion. To emphasize, if you’re a player who likes to engage enemies on a short-range or if you love to get in a fight via long-range, we have something for every type. So read on, and find a custom-built gun that suits your gameplay.Customized SMGs for short and long-range fightsIn this COD Mobile custom loadout guide, we’ve taken a few select SMGs that can be modified into various forms according to the need and playstyle. So without further ado, let’s get into it.1. RUS-79U custom loadoutFor close-range:The “RUS-79U” is a near-perfect SMG in its raw form, with good mobility and accuracy. However, with certain attachments, this gun can be a beast in close range.BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)StockNo StockUnderbarrelStrike ForegripAmmunition38 Round Fast ReloadRear GripStippled Grip Tape For medium-to-long range:While RUS-79U shreds enemies in close range, this gun is also perfect for long ranges. The attachments to have an AR-like experience with better stability and accuracy are listed below.MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeBarrelOWC MarksmanStockMIP Strike StockUnderbarrelRanger ForegripRear GripRubberized Grip Tape 2 .QQ9 custom loadoutFor close-range:This beast of an SMG is a killing machine when it comes to close-range. On the other hand, use these attachments to make it a bit more lethal and increase its mobility.MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeBarrelMIP Tactical BarrelStockNo StockAmmunitionFast ReloadRear GripStippled Grip Tape For medium-to-long-range:The QQ9 is almost as good in medium-to-long ranges as good as it is in close-ranges. And with these attachments on your QQ9, winning battles will be a piece of cake.BarrelRTC Recon Tac LongStockMIP Strike StockUnderbarrelStrike ForegripAmmunition10mm 30 Round ReloadRear GripRubberized Grip Tape All-rounder:If you’re one of those players who love to play CQC and medium-ranges with only one gun, then this loadout is for you.MuzzleOWC Light CompensatorBarrelRTC Recon Tag LongUnderbarrelRanger ForegripAmmunitionFast ReloadRear GripRubberized Grip Tape GKS custom loadoutHaving a slower fire rate in comparison to other SMGs, the GKS is not so popular. However, GKS makes up for it with its versatility.For close-range:For now, let’s focus on how you can make this gun better for close-quarter combats with high mobility.BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)StockYKM Light StockLaserOWC Laser – TacticalAmmunition32 Round Fast ReloadRear GripStippled Grip Tape For Long-range:To make the GKS a deadly gun for long ranges, use these attachments.MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeBarrelOWC MarksmanUnderbarrelRanger ForegripAmmunition32 Round Fast ReloadRear GripRubberized Grip TapeNote: This long-range version of GKS doesn’t contain a scope. However, if you wish to use a scope, you can replace the “Ammunition” with a “3X Tactical Scope 1,” as shown in the picture.AGR556 custom loadoutWith the damage and control that AGR556 offers, this gun should be considered an assault rifle. However, COD Mobile has added this gun as an SMG, so here we are.For close-range:Let’s jump straight to the attachments for a better close range AGR556, focusing on better mobility with significant damage.BarrelMIP LightStockYKM Light StockLaserMIP Laser 5mWAmmunition30 Round 5.56mm MagRear GripStippled Grip Tape For medium-to-long-range:The AGR556 works best in medium-to-long ranges, offering a high damage range and significant control, even better accuracy. Here are the attachments for an AR-like AGR556.MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeBarrelOWC MarksmanStockRTC Steady StockUnderbarrelStrike ForegripAmmunition30 Round 5.56mm MagNote: This medium-to-long-range version of the AGR556 doesn’t contain a scope. In case you wish to add a scope to this loadout, swap the “RTC Steady Stock” with “3X Tactical Scope 1.”QXR custom loadoutAnother great SMG that has good mobility and an average amount of damage in its raw form. The QXR has the ability to trample enemies in amazing ways.For close-range:As good as this gun is in close range, these attachments will help in making the QXR a run-and-gun type SMG.BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)StockNo StockLaserMIP Laser 5mWAmmunitionFast ReloadRear GripStippled Grip Tape For medium-to-long-range:The QXR can be made into a medium-to-long-range killing machine with these attachments.MuzzleRTC Light Muzzle BrakeBarrelOWC MarksmanUnderbarrelRanger ForegripAmmunitionFast ReloadRear GripRubberized Grip Tape In this COD Mobile custom loadout guide for SMGs, we’ve included a few guns. However, we’re hoping to give these types of custom gunsmith loadout guides to all the COD Mobile fans in the near future. Do tell us in the comments which gun you would like us to include in this list.